Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Baahubali 2 Prasad IMAX Theaters [2 KM] Tickets Booking Line: Videos

Posted by Prabhas Kumar
Prasads imax large screen is the worlds second biggest screen. Generally the regular films cinema scope will be around (1:2.35), thus they will cut on either sides when displayed on this large screen.. Only genuine Imax format films can occupy the entire screen. Here is How to Book Tickets for Baahubali 2 at that Locations. Also have a Look at the Crazy Public Crows Out Side the Theaters for getting the Tickets in Advance.


Though Baahubali is not an imax format it has the scope around (1:1.88) due to 4k resolution and thus occupy the most of the space on this large screen.

So, if you have an opportunity to watch the film on this large screen , go for it, else the other screen is also good enough.

Watch Baahubali 2 CRAZY Fans as they line up For Booking Advanced Tickets At Prasad Cinema In Hyderabad


You can Also get your Baahubali 2 Tickets Online for the Nearest Locations to You. See How to Book Baahubali 2 Tickets Online to Watch the First Day First Show for the much awaited film Scheduled to release this Friday.

Go to the BookmyShow to get the Baahubali 2 Tickets for Prasad IMAX Cinema in Hyderabad

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