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Baahubali 2 Tickets Prices Hike, 4 AM Show, Rs 600 a Ticket, Black Tickets?

Posted by Prabhas Kumar
With the movie hitting the theaters this Friday, fans are rushing in to book their tickets for the weekend. However, they were in for a big shock as the online booking shows that the theaters are charging Rs 400 per person while the ticket prices have been Rs 150 till date. It Looks People who Already got the Tickets for Baahubali 2 Started making it Black because of the Hike in Ticket Prices.

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Online booking also made it compulsory that the viewers buy combo packs worth Rs. 250, along with Rs. 150 ticket. The fans are being forced to buy these combo packs that includes Coke, popcorn, samosa etc irrespective of whether they need it or not.

Upset by this development, the fans expressed their concern to some Consumer Forum officials who asserted that that it was against the rules to force the viewers to buy combo packs along with the tickets.

Baahubali 2 Tickets Prices Hike 4 AM Shows (Black Tickets ?)

“Urvashi Theatre near Lalbagh, the epicentre of Tamil movies, is starting the first show at 4 am on Friday. Not surprisingly, the theatre, where tickets are priced Rs 100 and Rs 200, is now charging a whopping Rs 600 for the balcony or platinum seats and Rs 500 and Rs 400 for the lower classes," said Mr Manjunath, a resident of Chamrajpet.

With 30 single-screen theatres, the number of shows on the first day for the Telugu version of the movie is over 130.

“The bandh talk, which kept the movie in news round-the-clock, has indeed helped its publicity. Now, it is not just about why Kattappa killed Bahubali, but the controversy prior to its release in the state that has infused curiosity among movie-goers. The new policy by the state government capping the price of movie tickets at Rs 200 could be one of the reasons there was uncertainty over the distribution rights. This time, the producers have, however, decided to release it themselves with local help," Mr Subramanya, a film critic said.,

How to Book the Bahubali 2 Tickets Online?

  • Visit the Corresponding Movie Ticket Booking Page
  • Click on ‘Bahubali 2 – Pre Book Your Tickets’ Link
  • Enter Your details such as Name, mobile number, email id and click on submit button
  • Now, select your interested date, preferable time to watch the film and also select the number of audiences.
  • In the next step, Choose your preferable theaters to watch the film, and also with minimum and maximum ticket charges over there.
  • Next, proceed to pay the requisite amount using any debit/ credit cards, or wallet options.
  • The confirmation of the ticket booking will be sent to the email and SMS.
  • By showing the online ticket at theater audience can watch the film.

It Looks People who already reserved the Baahubali The Conclusion movie on First Day First Show Started making it black at the Highest Prices. There is an Insane Craze of Baahubali 2 in India and especially in Hyderabad IMAX Cinemas. People Started doing Black Tickets of Bahubali by increasing the Prices of the Tickets.

Not Only in India But Baahubali 2 Tickets Booking Going Viral Everywhere All Across the Globe including USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Dubai-UAE, Singapore, Malaysia and more International Countries.

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